Galletti VLE new chiller

Galletti VLE new chiller

VLE is a new series of air cooling, external ice water units in cooling version or reversive heat pump. The working medium is new generation refrigerant R454B from A2L group with GWP467.

The series includes eleven models with variable cooling efficiency from 155-580 kW in only cooling version or reversionary heat pump version. Unit from the VLE series features a high energy efficiency factor which is aimed to constantly decrease energy consumption.
In order to increase efficiency with a partial strain system, all models from VLE series are equipped with two or three compressors in one cooling system and electronic expansion valve in standard.
Application in VLE units the highest quality components with the latest technology guarantee efficiency on the highest level and reliability during use. VLE units have capability to water production from -10 to 55 Celsius degree and work with full strain in external
temperature from -15 to 46 Celsius degree.
To decrease noise there is a possibility to equip units in extra soundproof accessories. Advanced control is available in all devices from series, providing precision settings work logic and continuous monitoring work parameters.
In addition, modular construction with a heat exchanger in V-shape provides optimal heat exchange, guaranteeing structural endurance and accessibility to essential device components.
VLE series units are designed to heat or cool water in air conditioning system for residential, commercial or industrial use.

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