Noxa fan coils

Noxa fan coils

NOXA offers a wide range of fan-coils, i.e. devices that maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Available series include: cassette, duct, wall-mounted and floor-ceiling type units. NOXA fan-coils are adapted for 2- and 4-pipe systems, in heating-cooling applications.


The extremely compact construction of NOXA fan-coils brings many benefits:

  • modern look,
  • minimal installation space requirement,
  • easy installation,
  • maximum reduction in difference of air inlet and room air temperature without compromising comfort and unit's cooling capacity.


Properly designed air-flow rate provides frequent room ventilation, supply of larger volume of fresh air and even room temperature distribution.

The advantages to be gained from the advanced technology and materials is lower noise and continuous operation.


Noxa Aqua

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