Jonix disinfection module

Jonix disinfection module

Air ionisation

Air ionization is a natural phenomenon, which occurs spontaneously, each time a particle undergo the process of energy interaction, in which the total amount of energy is greater than the energy of the particle. Ionizers promote the controlled formation of ionic particles (electrically charged particles) in the air, through an electrostatic field that simulates the natural process that normally occurs through solar radiation, wind rubbing against the ground, generated by storms, rain and other weather phenomena. Scientific research has proven that the generated ionic species (especially those with a negative electrical charge) are beneficial to humans.

NTP technology

NTP technology artificially ionises the air using the so-called "cold plasma" and mainly consists in the production of ionised gas, rich in "active" ionic forms, having high oxidising properties. Non-thermal plasma is considered the safest process to oxidise and decompose pollutants as well as eliminate bacteria, mould, viruses and odours. JONIX ™ air sanitisation devices with NTP technology (Non-Thermal Plasma) is an ionising device able to eliminate up to 99% of germs, viruses and volatile organic compounds (as compared to their initial concentration) without producing ozone or toxic chemicals while significantly reducing energy consumption.

Compatible devices

DUCTIMAX, PWN and UTN series duct type Galletti units as well as floor-ceiling type FLAT and ESTRO use NTP Jonix technology to sanitise the flowing air, microbiological decontamination on internal surfaces of the units, filters and coils, and also to prevent the growth of Legionella in the drain pans. Ionisers are selected according to their intended use: air flow rate and category of pollutants to be treated. They are installed in special chambers located at the air inlet or outlet of the duct type units.


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