Intelligent air conditioning control? Check how easy it is!

Intelligent air conditioning control? Check how easy it is!

Noxa Happy + BIO HEPA filter

Room comfort is affected by air quality and temperature. A measure of air cleanness is the rate of contamination with dust, gas, vapours and odours. The adequate room temperature can be obtained with help of air-conditioner. Specified thermal conditions and clean air provide the highest comfort quality.

Noxa Happy air-conditioner can be equipped with highly-efficient BIO HEPA air filter. The filter is made of fabric with pores of 0.3 µm. This size is crucial in the context of MPPS, i.e. the particles with the most penetrating size. The use of HEPA filters in air-conditioning allows to stop 99% of dust larger than 0.3 µm, which gives the effect of sterilization and air purity. The HEPA filter also stops fungal cells (including mould), up to 95% of bacteria and some viruses. This allows to minimize the amount of microorganisms in air, provides that clean air is discharged from the air-conditioner, but also increases the efficiency and effectiveness of unit’s operation.


This type of units are dedicated to those, who want to improve the quality of room air, but also to allergy sufferers and immunocompromised persons. HEPA filters are used not only for residential air-conditioning or air purifiers, but also for very demanding applications where sterile air is necessary, such as hospitals, health care facilities, nuclear power plants, industrial plants producing food, drugs, new technologies.


How to install the filter?


Noxa Happy has all the important functions, that we expect from air-conditioner:

  • SWING - helps to obtain the desired angle of louvers
  • SELF-CLEANING - prevents the growth of bacteria
  • STRONG - brings the highest level of cooling or heating
  • 4D AIR-FLOW - improved air distribution and flow (in 4 different directions) makes you feel more comfortable


Unit designed for heating and cooling of air in residential, commercial and public buildings, factories, hospitals, facilities intended for manufacture and storage of food and medicine.


Karta Noxa Happy.


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