M-Thermal certificates

M-Thermal certificates

M-Thermal with the most important certificate in Europe.


Keymark, Eurovent, EC, Declaration of Conformity, MSC - do you know what these certificates means? These are the most important proof of quality in Europe, granted to the M-Thermal heat pump. That is not all! You can find our device on the List of Green Devices and Materials (ZUM) - this is a further confirmation and guarantee of your good choice. The ZUM list is a register of devices that meet requirements of the "Clean Air" programme.


Discover the M-Thermal heat pump certificates. They are the guarantor of the perfect quality of these devices.


Keymark was created as a response to the Council Resolution, which obliged European Standardisation Organisations (CEN/CENELEC) to initiate harmonized interpretations of compliance with European standards (EN). The mark is recognized in most of the countries which has representatives in EC and accepted as an equivalent of their own national certification marks.
Keymark as an independent and voluntary certification mark supporting quality of heat pumps/air-conditioning devices on the European market. It is based on impartial tests carried out by the independent organisations and confirms compliance with product requirements, specified in the Keymark program framework and capacity requirements set out in the Ecodesign Directive. This certification is recognized by such organisations as: MCS, EHPA and NFPAC.
Keymark also confirms that the device meets the restrictive requirements of the Ecodesign Directive of the European Parliament (regarding emission-energy requirements) and is a sufficient proof of quality for grant schemes, including the "Clean Air" program.




Eurovent, whose full name is: the European Industry Association for Indoor Climate, Process Cooling and Food Cold Chain Technologies, defines its goals in several points. Apart from representing the producers’ community, organisational matters, collecting and publishing statistical data, promoting legal acts related to the industry, technical publications, Eurovent participates in standardization work, and on the basis of the results of these works, it defines and implements the equipment certification program.
Eurovent stands for standardisation of technical data in air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment in accordance with European and international standards. Certified devices have confirmation that their parameters comply with the European Standards.
Thanks to Eurovent certification, recipient of the device or system can find out to which energy class does the installed product belong. Thus, he knows whether the purchased device is energy efficient or he can expect rather high operating costs.
Eurovent confirms also the noise emission values. Conversion of sound data is more complicated than it sounds because the gain of noise is measured on a logarithmic scale. Many manufacturers declare sound pressure values, but the information about the distance from the sound source is sometimes missing. In its comparative data, Eurovent uses the value of sound power, i.e. a fully objective unit that cannot be converted in any way.
In summary - devices subjected to the Eurovent certification procedure guarantee the recipient  the assumed standard and level of operating costs, and for the designer, they represent the confirmation of the good choice of the device in the event of a claim attempt by the user of the facility.



EC certificate

CE (Conformité Européenne) marking placed on the product is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of the so-called The "New Approach" of the European Union (EU). These directives revolve around issues related to the usage safety, health protection and the environment, they define the hazards which shall be detected and eliminated by the manufacturer.
In order to label the equipment with CE mark, the manufacturer carries out analyses and undertakes activities to meet the applicable requirements, and then submits the product to the conformity assessment procedure in accordance with the relevant directives. The course and results of activities are documented.
An essential concept related to the conformity assessment is the "presumption of conformity", so that a product that meets the requirements of national standards implementing harmonized standards (the numbers of which have been published in the Official Journal of the European Communities) is considered to conform to the essential requirements. If a manufacturer has not applied such a standard - or has applied it in part - he must document the actions taken to meet the essential requirements and their validity.
The evaluation activity ends when a manufacturer issues a UE declaration of conformity. They were established in order to eliminate obstacles to the movement of goods within the internal market. The Member States may not prohibit placing on the market any CE marked product. On the other hand, if a given product is subject to the provisions of at least one New Approach directive, it cannot be placed on the market or used in the European Union without the CE marking.
CE certification in accordance with directives and regulations covers, among others: construction products, machinery, electrical, electronic and radio equipment, network devices, water heating boilers.


Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of conformity - a document issued by the manufacturer of the product or his authorized representative, constituting a legally binding promise confirming product compliance with the essential requirements of the relevant European Union directives.



The certificate proves that the delivered system or service meets the relevant standards. All installations made under the certification system are registered in the MCS installation database.
Entry on the list of approved contractors is made after confirmation by the MCS certification body that the system or service meets the relevant standards and the contractor has the staff, knows the processes and has the tools to ensure their correct course. In addition, the contractor provides periodic system audits, including tests, and declares compliance with the terms of the contract with the client, in particular with regard to the repair of damage.



List of Green Units and Materials (ZUM)

The List of Green Equipment and Materials (ZUM) is a register of devices that meet requirements of the "Clean Air" programme. Manufacturers of heating devices, renewable energy units, insulation materials and wood joinery submit their products, and a committee of experts verifies the application. The ZUM list helps "Clean Air" applicants in selecting equipment and materials eligible for funding.
The "Clean Air" programme is a subsidy for the replacement of old and new ineffective solid fuel heat sources with modern heat sources that meet the most important standards, and carrying-out the necessary thermo-modernisation works on the building. It is dedicated to owners or co-owners of single-family residential buildings with a separate land and mortgage register. The subsidy may be up to PLN 30,000 for the basic grant rate and PLN 37,000 for the increased level of funding.



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