Can we cool our houses using a heat pump?

Can we cool our houses using a heat pump?

Heat pump as a year-round device? Is it possible? As the name shows,with the heat at home the pump can handle perfectly. How about cooling on a hot day? Tomasz Kurek - heat pump specialist in Nabilaton solves doubts.

Heat pump, via energy recovery and water heating in installation, provides thermal comfort in home from chilly days to severe winter. Warm water is directed to the heater or flooring installation loop to increase temperature giving comfort to all households.
However, now, in the summer season, what we only care about is to feel a pleasant cold after entering home. Can we use the Midea M-Thermal II generation heat pump? The answer is YES. However, there is one “but”.

As emphasized by Tomasz Kurek, to cool a house, firstly we need to answer the question, do we want to cool our room - underfloor or fan coil? In every case, the most important thing is to make appropriate thermal insulation in pipes to not have water reflux from air. Reflux water may lead to destruction of suspended ceiling, walls or floors - depending on route, how pipes are located.


When we talk about cooling via flooring installation we must remember to keep adequate feedwater temperature, because the temperature of the chilled floor can not decrease below dew point. The dew point (or also temperature of dew point) is temperature in which the condensation process can start, in our case steam. If it happens, on the floor surface appears marks from reflux water from air. That process may lead to floor devastation or to slip.


The thing looks different when we have fan coils in the house. Through them it is possiblilty to cool space without caring about power temperature. In the case of these devices there is also a water reflux, but condensate is carried from the device via installation of condensate during montage. Thereby working of fan coil we can boldly compared to working of traditional air conditioner.

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