Heat Pumps


COMBO is a specialised heat pump system for producing domestic hot water. COMBO reduces costs connected with the production of domestic hot water. Using heat pump technology, COMBO is able to transform renewable energy contained in the air into heat, which it then uses to raise the temperature of water contained in the storage tank. The consumption of electrical power in this sequence is reduced to a minimum. COMBO is 4 times more efficient than a traditional electrical boiler, which in economic terms means a 75% reduction in cost for electricity for the same amount of thermal power produced.

The COMBO systems is made with a single-piece unit comprising:

- an accumulation tank for water of 190 or 300 litres in steel with double vitrification and sacrificial anode to guarantee maximum durability over time
- a high efficiency heat pump able to dispense a thermal power of 1.62 or 2.30 kW. The heat pump uses R134-a as a coolant, and is able to produce hot water that is hotter than a temperature of 65°C
- a 3.0 kW electrical heating element as a back-up and/or integration, which can be enabled when temperatures are very cold or for integration during the disinfection cycle or if the heap pump malfunctions
- steel coil for integrating heat from solar sources. (Only on some models)

The heating phase of the domestic water stored in the tank happens mainly through the condenser of the heat pump, which is formed from a copper pipe wrapped around the outside of the hot water tank. This makes it possible to avoid contaminating the water in any way, and makes the system completely safe.



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